ABOUT DESIGNEAST 00[English ver.]
DESIGNEAST 00 - Bringing International Design Standard to Osaka, Japan
18-20 September 2009

Osaka, the second biggest city in Japan situated in the east of the world map. DESIGNEAST is an attempt to stimulate new creative forces in the city of Osaka and position it as a base for creativity and design on an international standard. Meant as a pre-event for DESIGNEAST 01 in 2010, DESIGNEAST 00 holds a 3-day talk event under the title “city / design”, focusing on the dissemination of ideas and design concepts in relation to the development of the city. Designers including Sam Hecht (Industrial Facility, London) and Ola Rune (Claesson Koivisto Rune, Stockholm), entrepreneurs including Masaaki Kanai (CEO MUJI / Ryohin Keikaku Co. Ltd.) and media representatives from magazines such as AXIS, PEN and CASA BRUTUS, are invited to present and exchange their views through talk events to explore innovation processes and their contexts. In addition, we are holding exhibitions of young international designers, temporary shops and parties for the duration of the event.

DESIGNEAST 00 program:
18th September
TALK01: ACT GLOBALLY 18:30-20:30 (open at 18:00)
Hironao Tsuboi X Lovis Caputo (Kueng Caputo, Switzerland)
An acclaimed young Japanese product designer, Hironao Tsuboi will talk with Lovis Caputo about the concept of 'open source' applied to international design methodologies.
19th Septemer
TALK02: STOCKHOLM / SWEDISH DESIGN 13:00-15:00 (open at 12:30)
Ola Rune (Claesson Koivisto Rune, Stockholm)
Sweden is known internationally for putting political emphasis on the export of creative industry including design. Its capital Stockholm which resembles with its rivers the city of Osaka, is a role model of a city, that successfully promotes its attractiveness through design. The talk will focus on the works of CKR and the city of Stockholm.
TALK03: ANONYMOUS JAPAN 16:30-18:30 (open at 16:00)
Masaaki Kanai (CEO, Ryohin Keikaku Co. Ltd.) X SAM HECHT (Industrial Facility, London)
Rather than selling stereotypic Japanese-ness, MUJI continues to offer highly original products worldwide. With the internationally acclaimed designer Sam Hecht, we hope to get deeper understanding of how anonymous design shapes the cityscape.
20th September
MEETING01: DESIGN MEDIA MEETING 13:00-15:00 (open at 12:30)
Axis (Axis Co., Ltd.) Katsutoshi Ishibasi
CASA BRUTUS (Magazine House) Yoshikuni Shirai
Design no Genba (Bijutu shuppan sha Co.,Ltd.) Shoji Inokai
Moderation: Eizo Okada(dezain.net, Associate Prof. Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Media, especially magazines in the field of design, plays an essential role in propagating and establishing new ideas and concepts. This event encourages international media to participate a group meeting under the title 'city / design' to investigate the role of media in shaping the cityscape.
MEETING02: OSAKA DESIGN MEETING 16:00-17:30 (open at 15:30)
Masayuki Sasaki (Professor, Director at Urban Research Plaza, Osaka City University)
Yoshihiko Mamiya (CEO, Infix Co. Ltd. / Nakanoshima banks Design)
Shigeki Hattori (Director, Graf, Accociate Prof. Kyoto Seika University)
DESIGNEAST committee members
A meeting between designers who have led Osaka and young designers who will lead Osaka, to discuss the relationship between the city and design.
18-20th September
Presentations given by young designers and architects living and working in Osaka.
To coincide with the talk, we will hold an exhibition of the Swedish lighting manufacturer Wästberg, the Japanese furniture manufacturer E&Y and works by Urban Forest, a group of young Swedish designers.
Along with the design brand 100%, Method (Yu Yamada) will offer various products for sale at the temporary shop. In addition, we will have a bookseller booth with the cooperation of Ryuryudo.
After every event, we will thow a party to socialize and relax.

East Block, Nakanoshima Banks, 5, Nakanoshima, Kita-Ku, Osaka, Japan
By Rail:
Nakanoshima Station Exit 5, Keihan Railways
By Car:
15mins from Shin-Osaka Shinkansen Terminal
40mins from Osaka Itami Airport
70mins from Kansai International Airport
1-day ticket 1,000yen

Organiser: Designeast Committee
Sponsor: Okamoto Kogyo Co. Ltd., / Suntory Holdings Co. Ltd. / Heiwa Sigyo Co. Ltd. / Maxray Co. Ltd. (August 2008)
Special Cooperation: Banks(s) Ideation 09
Cooperation: Ultra Factory, Kyoto University of Art and Design
Support: Osaka City, British Consulate-General
DESIGNEAST committee office: 5F 1-29 Kitahamahigashi Chuou-ku, Osaka Japan 540-0031

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